Where are the workshops taking place?

We are currently looking for a venue for our workshops. If you have any suggestions, please contact us on info@manchestermusicworkshop.co.uk

I’m a beginner at my instrument. Can I book on to an ensemble playing workshop?

If you are an absolute beginner, then the ensemble playing workshops are not suitable for you. Our workshops are aimed at people who are new to ensemble playing and participants should have a knowledge of the rudiments of music and basic skill on their instrument.

I have been taking lessons on my instrument for a couple of years, but have never played with other people before. I would love to try it, but am a little nervous. Are your workshops for me?

Bingo! Your are exactly the kind of person The Music Workshop was created for: For music learners to take their skill to the next level, to enjoy music making not just in isolation, but to feel the magic of playing together in a group or an ensemble.

Do you have any workshops for children?

No. The Music Workshop is aimed at the adult music learner, who would like to learn to play with other adults.

Will there be a charge and how much?

There will be a fixed charge per 6-week block to be paid by each participant. This price will allow us to pay for the venue, the teacher, advertising and administration costs. The exact price is still to be determined.

Have any other questions? Just drop us an email at info@manchestermusicworkshop.co.uk