So, you have been learning an instrument now for a few years. You meet with your teacher every week and you are enjoying your journey. But part of you is itching to play with others, to make music like a real band, to come out of your musical isolation.

But here’s the problem. You’re not good enough to join a group of experienced musicians advertising on Forsyth’s notice board, you don’t know enough musicians to set up your own band or ensemble, and you wouldn’t quite know how to get playing with them in a group scenario anyway.

That’s exactly why we set up The Music Workshop. We bring together adult music learners of different levels and instruments to introduce them to ensemble playing in a pressure-free environment and fully guided by our qualified tutors and experienced musicians.

Our workshops are organised in 6-week blocks, each session lasting one hour. Genres we offer include jazz, rock, classical and folk. There will also be a Contemporary Music Improv workshop.

In each block we will be working on different repertoire, so that you can continue on in your chosen genre beyond your first block, or you can try a different genre workshop. Alternatively, you and your workshop buddies may have hit it off and you may decide you want to continue making music privately with each other.

Our goal is to bring together non-professional musicians of matching levels and to facilitate them to confidently make music together. You can use us as your spring board, if you like.


In contrast to other music schools, there will not be any pressure or expectation to perform in front of an audience at the end of the workshop or year.

 This is in order for The Music Workshop to be a safe place for musicians with performance anxiety who nevertheless have a desire to make music in an ensemble setting and to slowly build up their confidence.


If this sounds exactly up your street, get in touch and give us a try. If you make a no-obligations booking enquiry, we will keep you updated and let you know as soon as we can confirm workshop dates, times and venue.